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Mining works


Mining works:

BPW Ltd. (Drillings, Boltings and Mining Services) offers the following mining works and services:

  • Bolting
  • - for our tasks we use our own equipment as well as pneumatic and electro-hydraulic bolting machines.
  • - we propose various bolting tasks, as follows:
  • bolting of various elements of excavation linings,
  • direct bolting to the ground or rock mass,
  • excavation floors technological bolting,
  • bolting of machinery and various devices.
  • - we use the following types of bolts:
  • rod bolts (steel, plastic or wooden) from 1 to 3 meters long,
  • string or line boltsk up to 10 meters long.
  • - for mentioned tasks we offer our own well trained personnel working under supervision of experienced engineers.
  • Approximately we apply about 20 thousands of bolts per year.
  • Our customers in this field are three coal-mines: "Budryk, "Knurów" and "Szczygłowice".
  • According to our customers needs we are able to offer relevant quantity of bolts.
  • Dinting, taking up the floor
  • - under conditions of uplifting rocks in drift excavations
  • Reconstructions of
  • - sewage drainages in drift excavations.
  • Dismantling of
  • - linings in drift excavations,
  • - main or flat haulages,
  • - longwall’s mechanical linings.

For all mentioned works we offer our own personnel working under supervision of experienced and highly qualified supervising staff.

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