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Company data:

Company name and address (in polish:)
Zakład Wierceń, Kotwienia i Usług Górniczych „BPW” Sp. z o.o.
41-800 Zabrze, ul. Hagera 41
tel./fax 032 3702223

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E-mail: wiercenia.bpw@neostrada.pl

Bank: ING Bank ¦l±ski I/O Zabrze, Poland;
Bank account: 04 1050 1588 1000 0002 0167 1179
NIP: 648-10-24-909
REGON: 272912121
KRS 0000189169


President: Leszek Potyka, msc

V-ce president: Edward Kawalec, msc

Board member: Anna Wi¶niewska, msc


The major part of BPW Ltd. activites is focused on drilling services in coal-mines and other places, underground and on surface. Drilling works are performed by our highly qualified personnel under supervision of our experienced engineers and supervising stuff. We use our own drilling equipment: pneumatic, electric and electro-hydraulic drill rigs.


The story has begun in 1995 when group of friends professionaly connected with mining founded the BPW Ltd., a company of drillings, boltings and mining services.
On June the 2-nd of 1996 BPW Ltd. oficially started its activity on the market of silesian mines.

At the beginning BPW Ltd. supplied various materials to following coal-mines: Budryk, Knurów, Makoszowy, Bolesław ¦miały.
This activity is being continued till now.
In 1996 underground services for mining were added to our offer. Among the others we made underground heading in rectangular lining of size 6,0 x 3,5m for ZWM Zabrze.

Between years 2000-2004 the number of places, where BPW Ltd. performed underground works, increased. During these years drilling services were being provided for Budryk, Makoszowy, Szczygłowice, Siltech coal-mines. Various types of holes (core, non-core, injection and technological) of diameter up to 600 mm were drilled.
In the year 2000, the first agreement concerning underground drilling works for Budryk coal-mine was signed. It was the base for a long-term cooperation with this mine.

In the year 2001 the bunch of our services was broaden. We offered reinforcement of drifts linings by means of bolting, haulage dismantling, and maintenance of longwall drifts. Since 2004 we he have been serving for "Knurów" coal-mine , where roof-bolting and reinforcement of the lining by means of bolting has been performed.

In the year 2005 metrological and geological services as well as surface geodesic works were added to our offer.

In the year 2006 new, very advanced drilling equipment was bought and thus it was possible to enrich our services again. Now we are able to drill core holes up to 750 meters long.

This year we also added dismantling of longwall’s mechanical linings to our offer.

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