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Mining works


Metrology, mine surveying and geology:
Metrological works:
recognition and documentation of deposit parameters and hydrogelogical, geological and mining conditions
realizatonal measurements during excavations, hole drilling and building a structures of mine
inventory and control measurements of headings, holes, machines and other mining objects during normal work and disposal
marking boundaries of protecting, resisting and safety pillars
observations of geodesic deformations of terrain and buildings caused by mining activity
geodesic control measurements of michines, devices and building objects, general and special maps
Geodesic and cartographical works:
realizationsl measurements during objects building
geodesic situational/altitude measurements
partitioning boundary signs renewals
legal and geodesic documentations
Geological works:
geological structure researches
defining of geological and engineering conditions
maps geological documentations
investigations of geotechnical conditions for building objects
holes and excavations profiling
measurements of geological disturbances and paremeters of deposit
defining geomechamical parameters of deposits and sorrounding rocks
hydrogeological researches
deposits and mine waters sampling
evidence of reserves and loses in deposits and minerals
deposit exploration analyzis
defining geological and hydrogeological conditions for present and planned mining works and excavations which are to be closed
preparing balances of mine waters
analyzes of geological and hydrogeological conditions
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